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A Season of Solitude, Not Isolation

A Season of Solitude, Not Isolation

By Nadine Moffatt, RYT-200, RM, CELC

As the holidays approach, and restrictions may feel a little more challenging, consider the idea of moving through this coming season in solitude, not isolation. Solitude in focusing on our relationship with self and the universe, by existing and connecting with our soul. It’s been an intense year, and prioritizing yourself with some introspection and self-care can be a beautiful way to close it out. Three areas I’ve focused on, and have found helped me during the tougher times, are deepening my breath, calming my mind, and moving my body.
Deepening your Breath

The power of three deep breaths is truly magical. It seems so simple, and yet so deeply nourishing. Not only does a healthy pranayama practice connect us to our higher self/soul, it strengthens our respiratory system (a.k.a. stronger lungs) which is needed now more than ever. The gentle pumping of the vagus nerve with each deep breath instantly helps to calm the nervous system, which in turn will boost our immunity. Win - win - win!
Calming your Mind

This truly is the time to go inward. Slowing down and connecting promotes regeneration, which is required to come out strong in the spring and ‘plant seeds’. Maybe it’s coincidental, maybe it’s just 2020, but I’ve noticed a greater awareness around the non-asana limbs of Yoga this year - anyone else? Stillness can be scary, and mediation is often avoided because of this. It can be hard to sit quietly even if you’re someone who has a seasoned Meditation practice. Emotions bubble up, and whether you find yourself with a more taxing schedule or less full than usual, it’s often a struggle to find the time, and having accountability seems to make a difference in showing up. Maybe kick start with some scheduled, guided sessions? This fall I started offering online Yoga Nidra classes that run every other Sunday afternoon (#selfcaresunday), and the response has been so wonderful. Friends and clients experiencing better sleep and feeling more at peace.
Moving your Body

Daily mindful movement is so good for the soul. Even if we have the best of intentions, overwhelm can creep in, and if that is feeling familiar … try getting out for a quick walk or onto your mat. No one has ever said ‘I wish I didn’t do that yoga practice’, am I right? This time of year, deep yin and restorative poses can be just what the doctor ordered - and really help to release/process emotion. We’re meant to be slowing down and ‘hibernating’, and practices that feel soothing and nurturing seem to fit, and sometimes allowing for that to happen can be all the difference.

yoga side stretch
And it doesn’t all have to be ‘work’, remember. Finding simple things that bring you joy in your day. Watering (and maybe chatting with) plants, cuddling a pet, making a meal with love for yourself. Finding new ways to feel connected - hearing the voices of people you love, and keeping close with those that feel like sunlight. As this year comes to a close and we reflect back, I hope you find gratitude in the small shifts we were not-so-gently nudged to make. Personally, it’s been a year of quick pivots - getting over my fear of video and taking my weekly classes virtual (anyone else feel me?), expanding my distance Reiki sessions, and creating my Soul Soothing online group program and launching it in November, which I’m thrilled to be offering again in January 2021!
If you find yourself feeling more isolated and in need of support, I’m here for you. I invite you to book a FREE ‘Pathway to Peace This Holiday’ Strategy Session, it would be my honour to chat. ♥
xo Nadine


Nadine is an Intuitive Energy Healer and Coach and the founder of Becoming Still. Even though she started her spiritual journey and worldwide holistic therapies training over 25 years ago, she fell off her path for about a decade and became spiritually disconnected, mentally overwhelmed and physically exhausted. It took closing her business, losing her marriage, and selling her home, (all within 3 months) to learn the value of embracing stillness in her mind and body, begin listening to her inner wisdom, and eventually re-connecting and finding her way back to herself. Now she helps anxious and sleep deprived high-functioning women deeply restore and connect to themselves, reclaiming their inner peace and rebuilding energy. Passionate about learning, she attends numerous conferences and training each year with enthusiasm in Integrative Health Modalities. She studied Sciences at the University of Waterloo, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in Sri Lanka at the International University for Complementary Medicines, Ayurveda, Crystal Therapy, and is a Usui Reiki Master. In addition, she is a Registered Yoga Teacher, with Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra certifications. Her professional background includes corporate Training and Coaching, which forayed into entrepreneurship after she started a family. Currently, as the founder of Becoming Still, she shares her love of energy healing, crystals, sound therapy, yoga & meditation, and all things spiritual. She is honoured to hold and create sacred spaces that inspire deep listening and connection to the divine within.

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Dec 18, 2020 • Posted by Nicole

Thank you for Jillian. Love the thought embracing solitude not isolation.
It is here for us to restore. May we take this time to heal.

Namaste 🙏🏼

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