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Why 2021 is The Best Year to Set New Years’ Resolutions, Even During Covid-19

Why 2021 is The Best Year to Set New Years’ Resolutions, Even During Covid-19


Liz Doyle Harmer knows a thing or two about living an intentional life.  Here she shares her advice on what you can do to create a better 2021 for yourself.

By Liz Doyle Harmer

First I just want to say that I know this is hard. 

All of us have been dealing with s.t.r.e.s.s. for a really long time and likely it’s starting to take its toll. You’re overwhelmed, you’re tired and you’re ready for something to change.

I get it. I’m ready for that too.

But one thing I’ve noticed in many of the clients I coach, is this tendency to wait for the world to change rather than grab the horse by the reins and create the change they want.

The truth is you can always decide to take your power back.  

This is a feature of human strength that has been modelled by the most resilient humans even in unimaginably horrific conditions.

Humans like Viktor Frankl who survived the holocaust and said, “When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”

Frankl lost his father, mother and wife in Nazi concentration camps and yet emerged with one of the most inspiring books of our time, Man’s Search for Meaning

Or humans like Oprah who lived through incest, poverty and racism to become one of the most powerful and wealthy self-made women in America today.

This human resiliency and courage to dream of something better is not reserved for only a special few. It’s inherent to all of us alive today.

The most amazing thing about humans is that at any point we can decide to pick up from where we’ve been planted and root ourselves elsewhere.

Even during Covid-19, now is the best time to take back control of your life and here’s why:

Committing to a future vision for yourself is 100% necessary to get you out of the stress and overwhelm you are feeling today.

 Let me explain.

There is a very powerful and unfortunately little known formula for change identified by Professor David Gleicher in the 1960s and the formula says this:

Dissatisfaction + Future Vision + Daily Action > Resistance to change.

Let’s break this formula down. 

Likely you’ve got DISSATISFACTION covered so I can be brief here. You’re tired of Covid-19 and all the stress, uncertainty (and face masks) that come along with it.

But here’s the thing.

Dissatisfaction isn’t enough. You must have a clear and compelling FUTURE VISION to overcome resistance to change.

Without that you will stay stuck where you are and who wants another year like 2020!? You feel me?

This is what differentiates humans like Oprah and Frankl – they dared to imagine something better – even in the face of great adversity and challenge. And that imagination – that courage to dream – allowed them to create something else.  

So no matter how overwhelmed you feel right now. I encourage you to wake up early one morning (that’s when you’re most courageous) and dare to dream a brighter future for 2021 and beyond.

Allow yourself to imagine what might be possible for you. Set a timer for 10 minutes, grab a pen and paper and write out a list of goals, or changes you would like to make happen in 2021.

Think about the clear outcome that you want. Something different than today. Let’s say you want to become a photographer, then what future vision can you work towards? Maybe it’s to have 10 pieces of your art work hanging in your living room by December 2021.

But don’t forget that DAILY ACTION piece of the formula.

Dissatisfaction and future vision aren’t enough. You need to take daily action towards the change you want.

Brainstorm daily habits that can help you reach your outcome. Sticking with the photography example, perhaps you would want to take a photograph every day.

Identify a new habit that will help you reach your goal. Commit to it. Track your progress and reward yourself as you go.

If you do all of that, no matter what is happening in the outside world, I promise you – in fact I guarantee you – that 2021 will look very different.


About Liz Doyle Harmer

Liz Doyle Harmer is a coach, entrepreneur, podcaster, and proud mama of four. She helps humans courageously commit to a life of purpose without burning themselves out along the way. She is co-owner of Afterglow Studio, co-host of The Afterglow Podcast and founder of the 28-Day Embodied Confidence Bootcamp. In her free time, you can find her running along the Lake Ontario boardwalk in the beach neighbourhood of Toronto or spending time with her family and 2 pooches. Connect with her at

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