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Ice Cubes with Super Powers

Ice Cubes with Super Powers

The idea for these came while out bike riding on a hot day with After Practice in my water bottle, and a handful of ice cubes to keep it cool.  I just found it got a bit too watery, and wasn't as refreshing by the second half.  Then i saw an article about freezing white or rosé wine into ice cubes to keep your wine chilled but not water it down or impact the taste (why had i never thought of that???), and i realized i could do the same with After Practice and Green Energy!

I used the long ice cube stick trays that we got at IKEA years and years ago, but you can use any ice cube trays - plain or fun shapes!

Pro Tip: if you are heading out on a really long bike ride on a very hot day, mixing a scoop of both Green Energy and After Practice into your water bottle are not only delicious, but also super functional - keeping you hydrated and energized at the same time.


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