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Sleep Mask - 100% Mulberry Silk CLEARANCE SALE

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Shhh…Practicing self-care

Add a luxury 100% mulberry silk sleep mask to your bedtime routine!

Light-blocking, soft and cool, this sleep mask is made from pure 100% mulberry silk.  Helps prevent creasing and wrinkling in the delicate skin around your eyes.  Hypoallergenic and skin-friendly.

One size (23 cm x 10 cm)


What is mulberry silk?

Mulberry silk is a soft, yet long lasting silk fabric that is created by silkworms who feed on mulberry leaves. Mulberry skin is extremely skin-friendly; not only will it not cause friction or wrinkling, but mulberry silk does not absorb moisture to the extent that many fabrics do, so your skin care products stay on your skin, not on your sleep mask. Our masks use 6A grade mulberry silk, which is both exceptionally high quality, and longer lasting. 

The filling of our sleep masks is also 100% mulberry silk fibre, which makes them cool to the touch and prevents perspiration under your mask.

 How do i care for my silk sleep mask?

Hand-wash your silk sleep mask using cool or cold water only, and a pH neutral (or delicate) soap.  Rinse well and hang to dry.  Iron gently on low if needed.  Water warmer than 30C, or the dryer will damage the texture of the silk, removing the sheen, which is what makes it so skin-friendly. Improper care will also shorten product life.

Handmade in China in an ISO9001 certified facility and imported directly by Niyama.

Customer Reviews

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Tiina M

This is so lovely! The silk fabric is soft and and gentle on the skin, it’s comfortable and a perfect fit that blocks the too early summer sunrise! Even the band is pleated with silk. Mulberry silk magic!

Thank you for sharing, so pleased that you are loving your sleep mask!