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How Does Niyama Goddess Greens & Superfoods compare to AG1?

How Does Niyama Goddess Greens & Superfoods compare to AG1? - Niyama Wellness

This is the #1 question we get when we do consumer shows or sample Niyama products at our retail partners, and I wanted to give you a considered answer,

If you are into wellness, you are likely seeing lots of ads for AG1 or Athletic Greens on your social feeds, whether it’s TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook– I sure do! And I love the ads  - they clearly convey the benefit and the ease of use, and the ads are engaging and authentic.   AG1 is also a great product. Athletic Greens has really been instrumental in reviving a somewhat tired category, and making it really relevant again – which is a really good thing for everyone. If you’ve never taken a greens powder before, you will absolutely notice benefits when you take it – better energy levels, better digestion, and just feeling better overall – and who doesn’t want that? 

To answer your question:

If you are looking for a Canadian alternative to AG1 Athletic Greens, Goddess Greens is your girl.

 Goddess Greens vs AG1 comparison



What our customers are saying:

5 Stars

Goddess Greens Review

I get monthly subscriptions to the magnesium powder and greens powder and I love them both. Great taste, the greens blend nicely. I love that this is a Canadian company, I love the clean ingredients and the flavors are wonderful as well!

5 Stars

In my smoothie every morning.

Delicious, simple way to get much-needed nutrients.

5 Stars

A green drink I actually look forward to drinking!

I absolutely love the Goddess Greens and Superfoods. The blend is delicious and I do feel a difference in my energy levels. I actually crave it! I miss it when I don't start my morning with it  

5 Stars

I feel off if I don't have this every morning

I've tried many brands and this is a greens I can tolerate and actually look forward to having in the morning. I noticed a difference in my skin and reduced my morning brain fog!


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