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New Year Intentions for a Purposeful 2024

New Year Intentions for a Purposeful 2024 - Niyama Wellness

The dawn of a new year brings with it the opportunity for reflection, growth, and the setting of intentional goals. Niyama loosely translates to “good habits” and the new year is such a good time to reflect on our habits and decide what we want to keep, discard or evolve, Rather than opting for rigid resolutions, I've chosen to embrace a more flexible approach for 2024, allowing room for progress, learning, and self-compassion. Let's dive into the three categories that will guide my journey throughout the upcoming year.

  1. Keep Up the Good Work (or continue):
  • Prioritizing Sleep Hygiene:
    • Maintaining the ritual of good sleep hygiene plus my sleep and stress supplements that have proven effective. Here's to nurturing the foundation of well-being for a more energized and focused self.


  • Setting Boundaries:
    • Continuing the journey of setting healthy boundaries with work, family, and friends. Progress has been made, and the aim is to nurture these boundaries for sustained balance and well-being.
  • Connecting with Nature:
    • Gratitude to Leo, my furry companion, for making outdoor adventures non-negotiable. The goal is to cherish these moments in nature, even when the hustle of life tries to take precedence.
  1. Include More Of:
  • Hydration:
    • Recognizing the need to up my water intake throughout the day. A simple yet powerful goal that contributes to overall well-being. Adding electrolytes daily.

electrolytes and aminos

  • More Protein Every Day:
    • Prioritizing protein at each meal, aiming for a daily intake of 90g. Always including fruits, and veggies for a balanced and nourishing approach.  Eating real food but also supplementing with our Clean Plant Protein powder daily. 

  • Yoga/movement classes:
    • Incorporating yoga and movement classes to supplement my home practice. Seeking inspiration, a dopamine boost, and the sense of community that comes with shared movement. I love the vibe at Afterglow in Toronto.
  • Exploring Human Design:
    • Learning more about Human Design, it’s new to me but I’ve already had a few cool insights into my unique self.
  • Prioritizing Couple Time:
    • Acknowledging the importance of date nights and time away with my partner, Renzo, (founder of Younited Nutrition) who I work with, parent with and live with. Nurturing our connection outside of work and parenting roles for a more vibrant relationship.
  • Celebrating Wins:
    • Cultivating the habit of acknowledging and celebrating accomplishments. As an entrepreneur, recognizing victories is vital for sustaining motivation and momentum. And I kind of suck at it TBH.
  1. Include Less Of:
  • Mindful Alcohol Consumption:
    • Adapting my relationship with alcohol, mindful of its impact on well-being. Embracing a more conscious approach to frequency and quantity. This makes me a bit sad, because I love wine, but it’s really not loving me back.
  • People Pleasing:
    • Letting go of the need to please everyone. Accepting that not everyone will resonate with me, and that's perfectly okay. Authenticity over approval.
  • Moderating Indulgences:
    • Consciously reducing the intake of sugar and salty snacks, especially post-holiday indulgences. Listening to my body and making choices that align with my well-being.

As we step into the canvas of 2024, I invite you to share your intentions for the year ahead. What aspects of your life are you looking to nurture, explore, or release? Let's embark on this journey together, supporting each other in our individual quests for growth and fulfillment. I'd love to hear about your intentions for 2024!


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