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Buckwheat Banana Bread with Plant Protein

Buckwheat Banana Bread with Plant Protein - Niyama Wellness

There is just something amazingly warm and comforting about Banana Bread.  The sweet aroma as it bakes, the delicious taste when eaten warm from the oven with butter melting into it.  So good. Nostalgically good.

In the early days of my family’s return from our very abbreviated march break trip and our self-quarantine, we were really craving comfort food.   But I’m also determined to keep our eating healthy and nourishing – both to keep our immune system strong and also so that I don’t emerge from this experience having put on the “Quarantine 15.” 

So, I made a few renovations to standard banana bread, making this recipe plant-based, higher protein, gluten-free, with lots of fibre and only a bit of maple syrup as the sweetener.  (plus chocolate chips – which are optional).  The result was even better than I’d hoped and barely lasted the day! Amazing eaten warm with a generous smear of coconut butter (the solid at the top of canned, full fat coconut milk), or your favourite nut butter, vegan butter or regular butter – your choice!


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