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Workout + Recovery

Whether you are looking for a clean no caffeine pre-workout, delicious natural electrolytes, or the best tasting stevia-free organic plant protein powder, we've got you covered with Niyama's selection of clean, Canadian natural supplements to support and fuel your workouts.

Stress + Sleep Support

At Niyama we believe good sleep is the foundation of self-care, and that managing stress is crucial to getting the good quality sleep you need. Our supplements are designed to work alone, or as a team to support you on your journey to less stress and better sleep.


Beauty, Skin + Joints

Self-care for glowing skin, healthy joints and luxurious time in the tub.


Niyama Glow & Flow Vegan Collagen Booster


Daily Wellness + Immune

The best offence is always a good defence, right?  These great tasting powders support immune system health and can be used separately or as a system to really bolster your wellness.