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Winter Wellness -hang in there!

Winter Wellness -hang in there! - Niyama Wellness

I don’t know about you, but around late January, early February my fondness for winter really starts to wane.  It hasn’t even been all that cold where I live, but I’m missing the sun, and there isn’t enough fresh snow consistently to make it picture-pretty; it’s a lot of that dead, slowly-rotting-leaves-brown colour. It’s beginning to drag on, and it feels like everyone is sick, or getting sick ,or getting over being sick.  Which is totally understandable after a couple of years of masking and lockdowns; we all have weaker immune systems and there are seemingly more viruses this year too. But i am determined to plow through (pun intended) and finish out this winter healthy and with a positive outlook, even if it take a bit of work.

Here is what I’m doing to keep my Winter Wellness up, and try to get the most out of our Canadian winter:

  1. Getting outside: giving a shout out to our dog Leo here (how cute is he?), as he needs A LOT of exercise regardless of the weather.  So, we bundle and go – to the ravine near our home, to the beach, to the dog park.  #everydamnday  Some days I dread it, but I always feel good after.  If you don’t have a dog, borrow one or just walk yourself.  Or go outdoor skating or skiing – just get outside as often as you can. 
  2. Immune support: Taking our plant-based Immune Warrior daily – with everyone coughing or sniffling, it keeps my immune system ready, and it tastes delicious. And some extra Vitamin D of course.
  3. Embracing the inside: making our indoor space cozy and calm. Diffusing Saje Immune blend or the OG and amazing  Marseilles Thieves oil in an essential oil diffuser – smells incredible and has immune properties, using the fireplace, snuggling under blankets, and fully subscribing to “staying in is the new going out”.
  4. Hydrating: winter air is dry – both inside and out.  My favourite hydration hacks are hot water with fresh lemon (in the morning after my coffee and then topped up throughout the day), Glow & Flow Vegan Collagen Booster in the afternoon if I want something sweet-ish. After Practice after my morning sweat session.  
  5. Water Therapy: A hot bath at least twice a week in the evening to relax and recharge. Pure self-care – my kids are older now so no one interrupts (eww Mum you’re naked!) and I get an hour of pure peace and quiet, with all the stress relief a hot bath can give. 
  6. Mood Support: Daytime Zen in the morning when I wake up to manage feelings of stress and anxiety, improve mental focus (good riddance brain fog) and improve my overall outlook.  And then Hey Relax magnesium drink mix in the evening, which is my cue to wind down and let the day go, so that when I do go to bed, I’m in the right frame of mind. 

What are you doing to support your self-care this winter?  Would love to hear your tips – we’ve still got quite a bit of winter ahead and I’m determined to stay well and positive!

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