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Chocolate Chip Plant Protein Cookies

Chocolate Chip Plant Protein Cookies - Niyama Wellness

Sometimes you just need a cookie.  When i was in grade school, my friend Alicia's mom made THE BEST chocolate chip cookies I had ever had.  And it seemed like they never ran out, as there always seems to be a fresh batch whenever I was over (so she must have made them really often since they were a family of five!).  After much nagging, my mom got the recipe and they became our house cookie too.  This version reminds me a bit of those cookies, not exactly the same, but they definitely bring them to mind.  They also happen to be completely gluten and wheat free, dairy-free, vegan, and are sweetened only with ripe banana, and coconut sugar.  And they taste amazing any time of day but especially with an oat milk latte or golden milk, or with my youngest's favourite, a vanilla fluffy (warm, frothed milk of your choice with vanilla and maple syrup). Am I making you wish for these right now?  Well the good news is these are crazy easy to make and if you get started on them now, you can be enjoying them in under 45 minutes!


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