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Peanut Butter + Chocolate Protein Balls

Peanut Butter + Chocolate Protein Balls - Niyama Wellness

Certain members of my family are confirmed chocoholics.  And we all love the combo of chocolate and creamy peanut butter.  So a chocolate PB version of Niyama protein energy balls was definitely something requested in our household.  Truthfully, protein energy balls have become a staple in our freezer, they are so easy to make and a great alternative to commercial protein bars, which can get pricey with a larger family like ours, and there are only a few that i really feel good about all the ingredients they contain.  We still keep a few bars in the pantry but more and more we are reaching for a couple homemade energy balls instead!  Make them in 10 minutes and keep them in a container in the freezer to grab as needed. Best eaten after partially thawed.  

This new Chocolate + PB version is seriously delicious and VERY satisfying!  The chocolate chips are totally optional, as are the chia seeds.  




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