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Molten Chocolate Protein Lava Cakes for Two

Molten Chocolate Protein Lava Cakes for Two - Niyama Wellness

I'm not a huge dessert person, but all bets are off when it comes to molten chocolate cake.  Something about the warm, not too sweet, ooozy luscious chocolate inside those little, individual cakes gets me every time.  I'm not going to lie, this recipe hack took me 6 tries to get right - but my family and I enjoyed the taste testing immensely, and were a bit disappointed when I finally nailed it LOL.

This way better-for-you version actually incorporates our chocolate plant protein, and relies on a bit of coconut or date sugar to add a touch of sweetness.  But you don't have to tell anyone - this is every bit as delicious as the molten cakes you remember from menus past! Top with a scoop of vanilla non-dairy ice cream to keep it paleo/vegan, or regular if you tolerate dairy. A few berries on the side makes it perfect.

Just in time for Valentine's Day in Lockdown!



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