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Peanut Butter Plant Protein Energy Balls

Peanut Butter Plant Protein Energy Balls - Niyama Wellness

For the PB fans out there, these are the bomb!  Chewy and rich, they taste like peanut butter cookie dough, but are no-bake, super easy, and nutritionally they really pack a punch. With plant protein, and healthy fats and fibre, these really deliver.

Now, you can make these by hand, but if you have a food processor it really makes it fast and easy – and that is saying a lot for me as I often subconsciously (or maybe consciously) resist recipes that call for the food processor because it just feels like a pain to have to get it out, and then take it apart to clean it up, and put it away after.  (And yes, I know that sounds lazy, but it’s just a lot more effort than a bowl and spoon, and it lives tucked away in the cupboard so I have to move things to get it, which also makes me think I really should reorganize my kitchen, and that feels overwhelming.  So mostly I avoid the food processor but, in this case, it is totally worth dragging it out.)

And you can make this your own – feel free to swap out the PB for almond, hazelnut or even pumpkin seed butter.  You can also use either Chocolate or Vanilla Plant Protein here – both will be awesome.  I used Chocolate because it was what I had open, and I’m all over our new Chocolate Plant Protein these days, but either works.  If you are using vanilla protein, you don’t really need the vanilla extract, unless you love vanilla, in which case,  go ahead.

The texture on these is what really makes them – they totally stick to the roof of your mouth, but with a bit of crunch too.  I will caution you about eating them in public (not that we are doing much of that anyway lately) as they are sticky and I guarantee you will get chia in your teeth.  It you can’t resist, and it is hard, then make sure you have a mirror or a friend to help you de-chia, or just put that mask back on fast. 

 Hope you love these as much as I do!


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