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Rice Crispy Treats Re-imagined

Rice Crispy Treats Re-imagined - Niyama Wellness

Who doesn't love a good rice crispy treat?  That  sweet, vanilla taste with that chewy and crispy texture made these iconic in my childhood snack memories, and a fixture at school bake sales in the 1970's and 80's. 

Once i became a bonus-mom and a mom, I was less keen on letting my littles fill up on marshmallow laden sweets, and i found a great recipe online that swapped out the marshmallow for brown rice syrup, replaced the OG rice crispies with organic brown rice crisps (which taste exactly the same btw) and added coconut oil in place of the nasty margarine.  This became a regular contributor to school-safe birthday treats for the class, as well as lunches. 100% kid-approved. Transparently, not quite the same stretchy texture as the OG version, but a very close second and my kids never noticed the difference.

With teens in the house now and less concern about being nut-free, i wondered if I could amp this up a little more.  This new version includes nut butter, brown rice syrup, hemp hearts, and our Vanilla Plant Protein powder.  And they are perfect for a 3pm snack or to hit an evening salty-sweet crunchy craving.

let me know if you make these!


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