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Candy Cane Chocolate Plant Protein Balls

Candy Cane Chocolate Plant Protein Balls - Niyama Wellness

Ok, so these are seriously THE BOMB!

Let me reiterate – these might be the most delicious protein recipe I’ve made – my teens certainly think so and hoovered up the first batch super-fast.  Full disclosure, these do contain actual candy canes, so yes, refined sugar Is on board, but it is the holidays and these are still way healthier than most of the treats that will be tempting you in your holiday bubble, and just as yummy! Move over Nanaimo bars and make way for these little gems.

If you absolutely positively want to make them even healthier, you can leave out the candy cane and the mini chocolate chips and just include some organic cocoa nibs for the crunch factor. They will still be amazing, but the candy cane just makes them so festive and pretty too. I kid you not, these are rich and yummy enough to earn their place on any holiday sweet tray - right there with the shortbread, Nanaimo bars and rum balls. 


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