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9 Signs of Burnout You Should Not Ignore

9 Signs of Burnout You Should Not Ignore - Niyama Wellness

What is Burnout?

Burnout is a form of exhaustion caused by constantly feeling swamped. (do you feel me?) It comes from prolonged emotional, physical, and mental stress.  Burnout makes you feel constantly overwhelmed, emotionally depleted, and unable to keep up with the demands of daily life.

Burnout makes you unproductive, reduces your energy, so you feel hopeless, cynical, and often resentful. The effects of burnout can hurt your home, work, and social life. Long- term burnout impacts your 9immune system and can make you more vulnerable to colds, flu and other viruses.

Burnout Signs to Watch For:

  1. You Feel Exhausted but Can’t Sleep at Night
  2. Uncharacteristic or Increased Cynicism and Negativity
  3. Feeling Useless or Incompetent
  4. Feeling Depressed or Blue
  5. Hating your Job
  6. Absolutely Everything (& Everyone) Irritates You
  7. Brain Fog/Inability to Focus
  8. Headaches or Stomach Issues
  9. Using Food, Alcohol/Drugs for Comfort

What Can You Do?

Prioritize Self-care

I know – I sound like a broken record on self-care but it really is crucial.  For burnout specifically, we need to lean into the following:

  1. Getting Sleep - sleep hygiene is key – read the blog
  2. Eating Plants – especially lots of veggies and Stay Hydrated
  3. Getting Exercise – so helpful for stress – even 15 minutes a day
  4. Saying No – Decline additional work responsibilities if you can, as well as those at home for now. Explain that your plate is too full right now.
  5. Taking Breaks – take regular time off. One vacation a year won’t do it. Long weekends and staycations help tremendously.
  6. Positive People – spend your time with people who uplift you, and avoid those that bring you down
  7. Meditating or Journaling – whichever is better for you, just a few minutes a day
  8. Seeking Help – a coach or therapist can be an amazing resource and help you get back to you


Natural Supplements to Consider Incorporating*:

*Check with your health provider if taking other medications

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