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Baked Oatmeal with Ontario Peaches

Baked Oatmeal with Ontario Peaches - Niyama Wellness

As the summer starts to wind down, i'm still looking for ways to eat more juicy peaches!  Over the long weekend, it occurred to me that my favourite peach crisp dessert could easily be transformed into Peach Baked Oatmeal, with a little vanilla plant protein thrown in to make it extra nutritious.  

The results were even better than i expected,  this tastes like dessert but is actually a perfect breakfast, with juicy Ontario peaches, slow-burn carbs in the form of gf oats, extra fat and fibre from flax seeds and hemp hearts, and a scoop of vanilla plant protein to add an extra bit of protein.  Delicious for breakfast with some coconut or greek yogurt, as dessert with a scoop of nice (or regular ice) cream - and it's just as good cold as it is warmed up.

Make this before the peaches are gone!



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